Dog sling bag

Dog sling bag

Sling is a must for a puppy/youngster/small breed dog owner. It is a big help when taking a puppy/ puppies to a veterinarian. The dog will feel safe because he is next to his owner, not exhausted by heat, because he is not in owner’s hands and not be contaminated by various bacteria when put on the floor.

Also very comfortable for joint trips along with the owner. When taken to long trips, small puppies get tired fast, but when put in a sling they take a break and rest without interfering the trip.

Socialization practices, dog shows, stores, markets – these are a few places to go with your dog and have a sling as a secure, resting or hiding spot for your dog.

Sling is made of a firm cotton fabric, with a padded base. The fabric adjusts easily to the forms of the dog and the owner, so the dog feels comfortable, safe and cozy. While carried the puppies sense the human heartbeat, so often they fall asleep

Sling is put over the shoulder, and the owner's hands are free. We produce only one size slings because this size is versatile. If the dog is bigger (about 6-10kg.), his head and front legs will "climb" over the edge of the sling. If the dog is smaller (3-6kg.) – it will be just safe to hide inside. It is pretty difficult to jump out of the sling because of the soft bottom. Of course, until the dog gets used to the sling, the owner may hold him in place with his hand. Sling is recommended to carry pets from 3 to 12 kg. Handle is adjustable.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Base filling: fiberfill.

40,00 €