Our NEW product!


This soft dog bed is suitable for small or medium size breeds, especially favoured by dogs who like to snuggle cosily and feel the warmth in the back. 

The oval bed  "Moon" looks attractive either in the middle of the room or along the wall - soft back-rest protects the dog's back from drafts and cold, and the walls from friction. The back-rest can be perfectly used as a pillow.

You can see only two colours in the pictures displayed, but you may choose colour combinations from our other offered products. Please choose the preferred colours and indicate them in the "shopping basket".

This dog bed has two inner bags with fiberfill. Both bags may be easily removed, washed in a washing machine in 40C temperature. 
Fabric: 100% cotton.         Filling: two inner bags with fiberfill.

A - length (cm.), B - width (cm.), H1 and H2 - height (cm.)
115,00 €