UFO Roof

UFO Roof

This dog bed is mostly favoured by datchunds, vipets, levrets and other breeds, who love to snuggle cosily into something warm or hide from unwanted glances.


The padded “roof“ of the bed is detachable and can be used as a separate mat.

The „roof“ has two different sizes: one is extended – more suitable for datchunds and other breeds who need a bed as a cave. Another - is shorter, like a cover up blanket.

This bed has an inner sack with fiberfill.  After removing the inner sack, the outer one is easily washed in a washing machine at 40C temperature.

The inner sack with/without fiberfill can also be washed in washing machine at 40C temperature.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Filling: the inner sack is filled with fiberfill.

R - diameter, H - height (cm.)

120,00 €