Orthopedic dog bed with Memory foam

Orthopedic dog bed with Memory foam

This dog bed is suitable for all breeds. Especially good for dogs with a painful spinal or limb areas.

The bed is not high (6cm), that’s why it fits easily in a cage. If placed directly on the floor, it will fill any free corner of the house.

The bed‘s upper part – is a firm stitched cotton fabric, padded with fiberfill. Before washing the inner Memory Foam mattress is removed. If the mattress is wet, it must be removed very carefully, because it can be easily torn.The outer sack can be washed in washing machine at 40 C.

The care instructions for "memory foam"Memory foam mattresses can also be washed by a gentle shower stream at 40 ° C degrees. Don't spin with hands or machine. Very gently press the water out with your hands, the excess water will run out when the mattress is put on the even surface to drain (don't hang). The wet mattress is not resistant, easy to tear. If wet, it is better not to wash, but ventilate. Unpleasant odour can be eliminated by odour remover spray. 

Memory foam - is a visco-elastic material. It adapts to the body temperature and gently encloses lying dog's head, shoulders, neck and entire body. This material does not cause pressure in those areas of the body where it hurts most commonly after exposure to the wrong posture. Unlike ordinary foam cells, viscose-elastic material cells are squeezed under any pressure. When the pressure is removed, it regains the original shape. The ability to return to its original shape (memory English. - Memory) provides therapeutic properties for the material, such as elastic material absolutely does not stress the body.

Fabric:: 100% cotton

Filling: the upper part is stitched and filled with fiberfill;

the inner part  - visco-elastic material "Memory  foam".

 A - length, B - width, H - height (cm.)

80,00 €