Outdoor belt

Outdoor belt

This belt is a big helper for the dog owner when taking the dog out for a walk or for a training lesson. The belt is made of a firm cotton fabric, so it is not hot in summer and not cold in winter. Breathable natural fabric does not allow the body to sweat. The inner fabric of pockets is impregnated/waterproof, so any type of treats can be carried there as well as leads, toys or other needed equipment for walking or training.

The belt has two big pockets and two smaller pockets for keys, money and handy.

Belt pockets are detachable. They can be washed in a washing machine at 40 ° C.

The belt is washable at 40°C.

There is a variety of color combinations.

In order to choose the right size, hips (not waist) should be measured.


Fabric: 100% cotton, inside pocket fabric is impregnated/waterproof

65,00 €